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Please read, initial each section and sign at the end in agreement. This order contract will stay on file, valid for one (1) year from signature date, and will only be reissued for signature should terms change.

Contract & Retainer. Your date is reserved and your order is confirmed only upon execution of contract, AND when your retainer is received by Polkadot Cake Shop. Retainer invoice will be issued only after the contract is executed. The retainer shall be equal to twenty five percent (25%) of the total order unless indicated otherwise on invoice, and is required to reserve the date. The retainer is non-refundable, and non-transferable. Retainer payment may not be transferred to another being, nor to another order. Retainer alone will not secure your date. Orders placed within two (2) weeks of event date require full payment at time of booking.  

Final Payment. Payment of the remaining balance, if any, is due no later than ten (10) days before event, and is payable via credit card, check, Venmo or cash. Cash payments must be made before delivery/pick up, at shop location, and must be arranged with us prior. Delivered orders must be paid in full no later than ten (10) days before delivery date, or delivery will not be scheduled. Orders will not be released in any circumstance without full payment received. 

Changes. Any changes in design, flavors, colors, etc, increase in cake size or quantity of dessert items must be made at least fourteen (14) days before event date for party orders, and at least thirty (30) days before event date for weddings. Order size reduction of ten percent (10%) shall be permitted only if requested within this timeframe. Reductions of more than ten percent (10%) order size not permitted after retainer payment is made. Changes may result in an increase in the total cost, reevaluation of discounts, etc. and are at company’s discretion. Any additional charges incurred from order change will be billed on final invoice and must be included in the final payment. It is client's responsibility to follow up on any changes/choice of flavors, etc. by designated date. Changes/choices after designated date will not be honored and client will have limited to choose from, based on what bakery is already working with. 

Cancellations & Postponements. Only cancellations made within 24 hours of retainer payment shall receive refund. Should your event be cancelled due to a state issued mandate, we will issue a refund in the amount that you have paid less the retainer fee, or hold the full amount paid on file as a credit for 90 days past the date of the mandate lift. All other cancellations, COVID related or otherwise will result in forfeit of all payments made. Should your event be postponed with at least one week’s notice, your payment will be held as a credit for future booking within 45 days. Refunds will not be issued.  

Release of Liability. Polkadot Cake Shop will make every possible effort to create and safely deliver your order. Once delivery/set up is complete, you will be required to sign off on the delivery. Should you not be available personally, our delivery person will secure the signature of venue representative, or the like. Polkadot Cake Shop shall have no responsibility for the condition of your cake once delivered to you or your venue. Polkadot Cake Shop shall not assume any responsibility for any person's acts with regard to your order, or any property damage or injury that occurs as a result of our services and/or provision of your order. High temperatures and/ or carelessness will adversely affect your desserts. It is your responsibility to arrange an appropriate place for the order, out of direct sunlight and away from unnecessary heat. You/venue representative will be provided care instructions on signed delivery receipt. For best result, please adhere to these instructions.  

Serving. All cakes should be served at room temperature for optimal texture. Cakes are best left at room temperature for at least three (3) hours before serving at minimum. Cold cakes will read dry, due to the use of butter in our recipes. Always use a sharp, clean, non-serrated knife to cut. Serving guides may be provided upon request, in order to get the most possible servings. 

Inspiration. We will use any photos, drawings, Pinterest finds you like as inspiration when creating your cake design. We will not copy a cake exactly, due to copyright law, and courtesy to fellow cake designers. We will however, work with you to create a custom design that is within your theme, taking into account your inspiration. 

Adjustments. Cake design is a creative and organic process. Polkadot Cake Shop's cake designers will do our very best to replicate and create your selected design as closely as possible. However, at times, the cake designer must make adjustments to the design in the interest of structure stability, or aesthetics, and will do so, without changing design immensely. 

Color Variations: Polkadot will do its best to match colors as close as possible to your desired shade, however color matching cannot be guaranteed. Fondant, buttercream and melting chocolate absorb color much differently than fabric resulting in different hues at times. Whenever possible, please provide a swatch of the color you would like to match, as colors vary greatly when viewed on computer, and in different lighting.     

Allergens. While most of our dessert items do not contain allergens, we do process desserts with nuts and other allergens in our kitchen. We do our absolute best to avoid cross contamination, however we are not an allergen free bake shop, and guests with severe allergies should be made aware. Please inform us of any known allergies at time of order placement. 

Use of Photographs. Polkadot Cake Shop reserves the right to photograph your cake for our own reference, display or advertising without compensation to you. Any photos you provide to Polkadot Cake Shop may be used for said purposes, in addition to social media/blog posts.  

Order Pick Up. Should you choose to pick up your order or have a designated third party pick up your order, Polkadot Cake Shop shall not be responsible for any damage incurred once order leaves our premises. Sign off at pickup is required. Wedding cakes are available for delivery only. Please refer to your invoice for scheduled pick up time.

Delivery/Pick up Time. Delivery fees are configured based on location from our shop. Delivery fees must be paid with final balance or delivery will not be scheduled. Deliveries are typically made between the hours of 10 am thru 1 pm on weekends, scheduled at shop's discretion. If earlier/ later time is needed, it must be arranged at least two (2) weeks prior. It is client’s responsibility to make Polkadot aware of any delivery time restrictions. PLEASE provide us with the name of the person the event is booked under, to ensure smooth delivery. Returned deliveries due to venue opening time, etc. will incur additional delivery charges and will be redelivered only after the fee is paid, and only if the day’s schedule allows. Delivery driver will not wait more than fifteen (15) minutes. Pickups at shop location are allotted a sixty (60) minute timeframe. Late pickups are not guaranteed accommodation, and orders left after the pick up time window will not be available until next business day. Refunds will not be given for missed pick ups.

Rentals. Additional items (displays, cake stands, etc.) must be returned within five (5) days of event date stated on invoice, unless other arrangements have been made for pick up. All rentals require credit card saved on file at time of final balance payment. Rental item replacement fees range from twenty dollars (20.00) to two hundred dollars (200.00). You will be quoted replacement fees at time of final balance payment. After the five (5) days, or in the case of a ruined, stained, broken or missing item, the replacement fees will be automatically charged to your card on file, with this contract acting as authorization to charge. All items must be returned clean, or twenty five dollar (25.00) fee will be assessed.

Tastings. Tastings are subject to availability. Our tastings are in the form of take home boxes so clients can enjoy their tasting at their own leisure. Taste boxes include 6 baker’s choice flavors, and can be purchased via our online shop, and picked up on chosen date. Taste boxes include our most popular combinations, not contain any peanut/tree nut products, and are not customized. Taste box fee is credited toward wedding bookings of orders over 500.00 only.

Sketches. If a cake is being designed by Polkadot without inspiration photos, and a cake sketch is needed, you are entitled to up to one (1) complimentary revision (to equal two total sketches). If any revisions take place thereafter, additional sketches will be provided at a cost of fifteen dollars (15.00) per revision. Once your design is finalized, you will be required to sign off on your approved sketch. 

Refunds. Pursuant with UCC Article 2-606, acceptance of order assumes client approval of condition. Any issues should be addressed at time of delivery/pick up before sign off. Refunds will not be offered for accepted goods. Any credit card chargebacks will be met with legal action, to the fullest extent of the law. 

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