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This catering agreement is entered into on February 5, 2023 between Polkadot Cake Shop LLC (company) and for Mobile Catering Services on at  at address of  

  1. Contract & Retainer. In order to secure the event date, company requires a non-refundable and non transferable retainer in the amount of twenty five percent (25%) estimated total order, which will be billed by invoice thru our 3rd party processor and is payable by credit card or Venmo within 72 hours of issuance. Please note that order/ event date is not secured until BOTH retainer and executed contract are received. Events booked within fourteen (14) days of event date will be billed in full and due at time of booking. 
  2. Final Payment. Final balance payment is due fourteen (14) days before event, payable by credit card or cash at shop location. Late payments and non-payment event is subject to cancellation. 
  3. Cancellation by Client/Venue. Client reserves the right to cancel, however all retainer payments and prepayments are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Should your event be cancelled due to a state issued mandate, we will issue a refund in the amount that you have paid less the retainer fee, or hold the full amount paid on file as a credit for 90 days past the date of the mandate lift. All other cancellations, COVID related or otherwise will result in forfeit of all payments made. Should your event be postponed with at least one week’s notice, your payment will be held as a credit for future booking within 45 days. Refunds will not be issued. 
  4. Guest Count. Client has guaranteed a guest count. Increase of guest count for package purposes or decrease of guest count up to 10% for package purposes permitted 14+ days before event.     
  5. Food Quantity. For Classic and custom packages, company will prepare between five to ten percent (5-10%) overage based on the final guest count registered by client. Client will not be charged for this overage, however client should not rely on this overage, and is expected to book the appropriate number of servings for guests. Driveby packages contain only the number of servings booked. 
  6. Menu.  Client’s menu items are the only items that will be stocked upon the camper on event day. We do not stock additional items aside from the slight overage. In regard to liquor packages, for liability reasons, we will not serve anything that is not on client menu, regardless of if ingredients are available. Premixed packages will only receive premixed drinks. Speed bar packages will only receive simple 2 ingredient cocktails. Full bar packages are the only packages that will receive a full open bar. Availability of liquor is up to client.  
  7. Left Overs. Any left over treats at the end of the serving time remain in possession of the client. This pertains only to treats with the ability to be packaged, and not beverages. 
  8. Changes. Client may make changes to flavors, package type, guest count and/or serving time until fourteen (14) days before event date. Changes after designated date will not be honored. Changes in serving time are subject to availability regardless of when change is requested. Changes to package type may result in increase of package price. Decrease of guest count / package up to 10% permitted. 
  9. Guaranteed Time Duration. Polkadot staff member(s) upon the Polkadot catering camper will arrive at the event approximately 30 minutes before the event start time for set up, and will remain on site after end time for clean up. During set up and clean up, company will not serve guests. Company will automatically begin serving at the agreed upon start time, unless otherwise discussed upon arrival at event. Company will automatically cease serving at the agreed upon end time. 
  10. Vehicle & Parking. The Polkadot Catering Camper requires adequate space to pull in and park in designated areas (about 3 car lengths), as well as level ground on which to park. The camper is very low to the ground, so it cannot and will not pull into slanted driveways, or up/down steep hills. Camper will not be unhitched from SUV, unless previously agreed upon arrangements made before the event. Parking for driveby events occurs in the street, blocking client driveway, and camper will remain hitched. It is client's responsibility to secure adequate parking space for the camper as to not delay serving time. 
  11. Garbage Removal. Polkadot Cake Shop will remove all garbage and waste water upon the Polkadot catering camper at an off-premise location. Any garbage on the event grounds outside of the truck is client’s responsibility.  
  12. Electricity. The Polkadot catering camper requires electricity. We are equipped with a 200ft extension cord and require a regular outlet in which to plug in. If electricity is not available, we can bring a quiet portable generator to suit our needs. Please note, the generator will need to run the duration of the event, and will incur a 75.00 fee. Request for generator must be made at least 48 hours before event date.
  13. Damage. Company assumes no responsibility for damage/loss during event. Company will not be liable for any damage unless specifically caused by willful negligent actions of company employees.    
  14. Weather & Reschedules. In the event of heavy rain, snow or other intense weather, client may reschedule. Company requires forty-eight (48) hours notice for reschedules, and can work with client to find another mutually acceptable date/time. Reschedules must occur within thirty (30) days of original event date. Refunds for weather related issues not granted.  
  15. Execution. Execution of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of company to complete the agreement, and is subject to cancellation due to Acts of God (weather/natural disasters), and other causes beyond our control such as accidents, etc.
  16. Liability & Insurance. Polkadot Cake Shop carries Liquor Liability insurance, commercial auto and business owner’s liability policies. Company is permitted to mix and serve alcohol but cannot provide the actual liquor; Client must. Client must monitor the ages of those consuming alcohol and company reserves the right to ask for ID, and to stop serving as deemed fit. If company needs to stop serving for any reason, refunds will not be provided.   
  17. Payments. Invoices will be sent thru our third-party processor via the email client provides when executing this contract. Retainer payments must be made within 72 hours using credit card thru invoice or via Venmo. Balance invoice will be sent within 14 days of event date. All balance payments are due 10 days before event date. Personal checks not accepted. 
  18. Amendments & Details. This agreement is company’s standard contract for all catering. For information about client specific package choice, please see itemized invoice. Any amendments to package between the retainer invoice date and event date will be included on balance invoice. Amendments to contract will be made in writing. 

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Signed by Arlene Murray
Signed On: August 20, 2021

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