Cupcake Premium Flavors

36.00/dozen / 24.00/dozen minis

    one dozen minimum per flavor

    Customization available

The CC
Madagascar vanilla bean or
chocolate cake stuffed w/
chocolate chip cannoli cream
and topped w/ vanilla
buttercream and mini
chocolate chips

Light banana cake topped
w/ swirled peanut butter
and chocolate buttercreams,
finished w/ a chocolate
covered bacon slice

Berry Cheesecake*
Madagascar vanilla bean cake
baked on top of a graham cracker
crust, filled w/ berry pie
filling and topped w/ cream
cheese frosting and graham
cracker crumble

Chocolate cake w/ cream
filling, topped with rich
chocolate buttercream and
piled high w/peanut butter
cup chunks, cookie dough
balls, M&Ms, chopped Oreos®
and chocolate sauce

White Chocolate Raspberry*
Chocolate raspberry cake
topped w/ white chocolate
buttercream and finished w/
raspberry sauce drizzle and
white chocolate chips

Late Night Craving
Madagascar vanilla bean
cake dipped in rich milk
chocolate ganache, topped
w/ caramel buttercream
and a chocolate dipped
potato chip

Chocolate caramel cake topped
w/ vanilla buttercream drizzled
w/ chocolate sauce and
finished with a Snickers®
candy bar chunk

Chocolate or Madagascar
vanilla bean cake topped
w/ Nutella® buttercream
and finished w/ chopped

*Available Gluten Free. +6.00 standard size / +3.00 mini size